School Governors

We would like to welcome you to the Governors section on our school website. We hope you enjoy looking through the website to find out about Longwood Primary school and see some of the wonderful pictures and work that our children are currently doing.

There are ten Governors on Longwood’s Governing Body and we work with the Head Teacher Mrs. James and her staff to ensure Longwood pupils get the best from their time in the school. Mrs James with assistance from the Senior Leadership team is responsible for day-to-day management of the school. The Governors, in co-operation with the Head Teacher, set the school’s aims, strategies, and policies and fulfil other important roles. Over the years the Governing Body has taken many important strategic decisions that have influenced the life of the school, including becoming part of the Tame Valley Cooperative Learning Trust in 2013.

Longwood Primary School Governing Body

Name Category Appointed Body Term Of Office Committee Position  Register of Interests 
Pauline James Head School Governing Body
All Gov Large Impact Creations
Rachel Matthews Staff Rep- Co-opted School Governing Body 2016-2020 Teaching & Learning Gov NONE
Co-opted School Governing Body 2017-2021 Teaching & Learning Gov A.M. Education
Jane Rowlands Foundation  TVCLT Board  2016-2020 Teaching & Learning CHAIR of GOV NONE
Mel Martin Co-opted  School Governing Body  2015-2019 Leadership & Management H S GOV NONE
Lucy Hateley Parent School Governing Body 2016-2020 Leadership & Management Vice Chair of GOV
Chair of LM
Lichfield Council
Jason Ward Parent School Governing Body  2016-2020 Leadership & Management Gov NONE
Tess Berry Co-opted School Governing Body  2015-2019 Teaching & Learning  Gov  NONE
Emma Caswell Parent School Governing Body 2015-2019 Leadership & Management Gov NONE
Diane Chalkey Co-opted School Governing Body 2018- Leadership & Management Gov CMC


LA Gov Local Authority

VACANCY Foundation School Governing Body


Governors Attendance 2018-19

P= Present AP = Apologies AB - Absent NR - Not Required

Date Date Date Date Date Date Date Date Date Date
19.09.18 03.10.18 29.11.18 21.01.19 30.01.19 20.03.19 09.04.19 05.06.19 12.06.19 09.07.19
Time 5pm 9.30am 1.00pm 8.30am 5pm 8.30am 4pm 9.30am 5pm 8.30am
Jason Ward P NR P NR P P AP NR AP
Lucy Hatelely P NR P NR P P AP NR AP
Emma Caswell AB NR AP NR P AP AP NR P
Rachel Mathews P P NR P P NR P AP NR
Pauline James P P P P P P P P P
Vacancy - - - - - - - - - -
Brian Mulligan P P NR AP P NR AP P NR
Tess Berry P P NR P P NR P P NR
Mel Martin P NR P NR AP AP P NR P
Diane Chalkey P NR P NR AP P P NR P
Jane Rowlands P AP AP P P AP P P AP
Vacancy - - - - - - - - - -

The Governing Body are the strategic planners of the school and we:

  • Appoint the Head Teacher who is responsible for the day to day management of the school
  • Agree policies and practice which allows the Head Teacher and staff to carry out their responsibilities
  • Agree principles and targets for improvement 
  • Support and challenge the Head Teacher

Individual Governors will also be involved in some of the following:

  • The financial management of the school
  • Head Teacher performance management
  • School improvement plan
  • Staff appointments

Our Governors

All Governors, once appointed, share the collective responsibilities and work as a team. Monitoring is carried out by all governors focusing on issues highlighted in the School Improvement Plan and several governors also take on other responsibilities e.g. health and safety.

We are proud of our school and feel privileged to support Mrs James and the staff on the journey of continuous improvement in delivering a varied and stimulating education for our children.