Our Day

Morning Club starts at 8.00am at a small minimum cost (see clubs for more information)

Our official day starts at 8.45am and finishes at 3.15pm.

Registration is from 8.50am to 9.00am. The gate is closed at 9.00am.

Social Time

At 10.00am our learners have social interaction time. During this time our learners can purchase a range of healthy snacks from our school kitchen or participate in an activity organised by our playground leaders.

Lunch Time

  • Nursery learners have lunch at 11.45am.
  • Reception learners have lunch at 11.50am.
  • Year 1 & Year 2 learners have lunch at 12.00 noon.
  • Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 & Year 6 have lunch at 12.30pm.
  • Lunchtime ends at 1.00pm

Drop off and Collection

At the beginning and end of the school day, parents are encouraged on to the playground. The gate will be unlocked at 3.15pm to allow adults access onto the playground. This helps to build up a close relationship between home and school - we want to have good links with all parents. If normal arrangements have to be changed please let us know. This avoids any confusion or upset for our learners.

After school clubs

We organise a range of extra curricular clubs after school from 3.15pm at a minimal cost (See clubs page for further information). Children attending clubs are dismissed from the main office area.