SMSC Development

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development (SMSC) is promoted across the curriculum at Longwood however the most obvious way is through our Religious Education and assemblies.

At Longwood we offer a broad and balanced curriculum which promotes SMSC. We refer to this as our Connected Curriculum as it makes natural links to all areas of our learning. We value SMSC as a way to enrich our learners experiences and ensure factual information is provided alongside honest answers to questions without prejudice.

For example during our literacy lessons our learners will read a range of books set in different countries and cultures linked to their themes.

In Numeracy learners may look at the patterns and shapes in Islamic art.

We may also reflect and respond to a range of artefacts or paintings depicting a range of religions. We also reflect those who choose to have no faith for example in science we may discuss the values and morals of evolution.

Throughout our Relationship and Sex education lessons we discuss a range of relationships alongside the beliefs and attitudes of different faith groups.