A New Curriculum came into effect from September 2014 and the Department of education no longer expects schools to use levels when assessing learners attainment.

At Longwood we work on age related expectations for all learners. Our tracking system enables us to colour code our learners against age related expectations and allows our parents and carers to understand where their individual children are in relationship to national attainment.

Red indicates below age related expectations, yellow at age related, green is above age related expectations and blue is working at greater depth. 

All subjects have key characteristics for specific ages which is colour coded for individual learners and subjects. Our parents and carers can access individual development records via our secure systems.

Our learners develop at different rates in different subjects however, regular reading at home enhances this process. At Longwood our teaching is based upon individuals and while we are aware of national expectations we consider personal targets and rate of progress important thus ensuring our learners make expected or better progress and achieve their potential.

We love reading for pleasure at Longwood and pride ourselves on purchasing a wide range of reading materials for our library.