At Longwood we want our pupils to read for pleasure. To achieve this love of reading, it is embedded in all we do across our school. Reading also feeds our pupils’ imagination and opens up a world of wonder and joy for their curious minds. Teachers and pupils alike share personal recommendations ranging from magazines, newspapers, graphic novels and facilities for online reading as well as traditional novels.

Our well stocked library has been specially designed by the pupils to be inviting and inspirational. All the books in the library are purchased based on pupil recommendation and are consequently thoroughly enjoyed by all. Many of the books are used for our daily whole class story sessions across the school.

We emphasise phonics in the early teaching of reading when our pupils first start school. Despite the fact that our pupils join us with a very low starting point, our use of the ”Letters and Sounds” scheme ensures that our teaching of phonics is consistent and effective. This means that by the phonics screening test, our data is above national average.

Good comprehension draws from vocabulary and grammar and on pupils knowledge of the world. We develop comprehension skills through structured guided reading and our class story as well as immersing our pupils in texts relating to the theme for that term. This increases pupils’ vocabulary because they encounter words they would rarely hear or use in their everyday speech.

By the time our pupils leave Longwood, they can confidently read fluently, opening up a world of opportunity to them.


Reading Policy