We offer and broad and balanced curriculum at Longwood which we refer to as the connected curriculum as we believe it helps join up our learning. Learning at Longwood happens indoors and outdoors. Our skills based themes include the content of the new curriculum, interests and needs of our learners and the core values of our school as set out in our vision and ethos. Our goal is to provide a happy and healthy place to motivate us to learn.

As well as the opportunity to learn through our curriculum Longwood offers a range of opportunities to learn a range of skills through our extensive range of clubs, specific interests, current and national events and extensive links through the cluster events and opportunities provided through the TVCLT.

Not all subjects naturally connect to a theme so these subjects are taught in a discrete way. Religious Education does not necessarily link with the theme being covered so may be taught in this way like some aspects of numeracy.

We want all our learners to be happy, enthusiastic and committed learners. We equip our learners with essential skills for learning and living in harmony within their community and beyond. We prepare our learners to be reflective, expressive, independent and appreciative so that they become creative and critical, to solve problems and make a difference for the better.